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Participation Requirements

In a cooperative nursery school such as Sierra Madre Community Nursery School, parents are responsible for the day to day operation of the school. Financing is on a cost sharing, labor sharing plan, designed by the parents themselves. Each participant family is required to contribute on an equal basis, and encouraged to participate in the co-op as much as time and interest permit. Here is what is expected:

Maintenance Workday:

Workdays are held monthly on Saturdays or Sunday from 8:00am to 12 noon.

  • 12 hours per year or $300 for 1 child on 2- or 3-day schedule
  • 16 hours per year or $400 for 2 children in school or 1 child on 5-day schedule

Parent Helper Days:

Parents assist the staff as a Parent Helper or Parent Teacher in the daily program. Either parent must work as follows:

  • 14 per year for 2-day schedule.
  • 19 per year for 3-day schedule.
  • 33 per year for 5-day schedule.

Parent Education:

Meetings are held in the evenings.

  • 2 per parent per year or $10 for each one missed.
  • Orientation program

Credit for extra maintenance day: $48 or $12 per hour

Credit for extra Parent Teacher/Parent Helper day: $20 per day

    There is a $50.00 fine for any Parent Helper Days not worked.

    Fundraising Activities:

    Each family is expected to participate in fundraising activities. Our principal fundraisers are Scrip purchases, an annual Auction and an annual Carnival.